Pilates is more than exercise – it is a way of life

The studio is fully equipped with all of the Pilates equipment and the Gyrotonic® Pulley Tower system to give you a variety of options so that you will always be challenged with new exercises and routines. Our Pilates core exercises and our group Pilates Mat classes give a challenging workout on the mat, and we also offer classes for pre and post natal, as well as injury and pain rehabilitation.

Build core strength

Pilates works on the principle that a strong core helps support the rest of the body,. We make sure each exercise engages the core tummy muscles that support the spine and keep you strong and healthy. This can also lead to a flater, smoother stomach!

Help relieve aches and pains

Regular exercise helps to build bone density which declines as we get older. Pilates also helps alleviate tight muscles, stiff and aching joints and prevent back pain.

Be challenged mentally and physically

Pilates requires you to use your mind to access certain muscle groups and find connections – some that you may never have felt before! This helps you keep your mind and body working together.

Get lean, long muscle tone

It is also designed to give length to your muscles, complimenting other exercise methods that may cause muscles to bulk up, such as running or cycling.